Five Places To Visit In Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida, offers a beautiful mix of old-fashioned and contemporary life, which lends to its allure, drawing thousands of tourists from near and far.

From romantic walks along the river to boat taxis and adventure parks, to high-rise buildings and buzzing city life, you’ll find something for everyone in this culture-rich city.

Here are five places to visit in Jacksonville, Florida, whether you’re vacationing, on a work trip, or passing through the scenic city.

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1. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

While Ninah May Holden Cummer didn’t live to witness the official opening of the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, her desire for a cultural center of art and beauty came through.

In 1961, the facilities became open to the public, a gift she endowed to the municipality and its tourists. It is a gift that will stay for many generations to come.

There are over 5,000 art pieces on display at the museum, including works by Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, and others.

There are four unique gardens on the 2.5-acre property, including an English and an Italian one. They are all over a century old, breathtakingly gorgeous, and serene in their own right.

The museum and gardens are open to the public for guided tours, and there is an excellent cafe on-site.

2. Talbot Island State Parks

Have a passion for the great outdoors and all of its natural inhabitants? With just a short drive up the scenic A1A roadway from Jacksonville, visitors can explore the state parks on both the big and small islands of the A1A.

It’s a thrilling journey along the shore from the city center. Both parks may be seen from the highway before a bridge crosses Nassau Sound and brings you to Amelia Island.

Visitors to Little Talbot Island State Park, which spans an area of 2,500 acres, are particularly drawn to it by its abundance of wildlife.

You’re likely to see anything from a thriving bird population to river otters in this area’s maritime woodlands, salt marshes, beaches, and dunes. In addition, bobcats have been sighted in this area.

Sunbathing, swimming, camping, and fishing, are just a few of the other activities that you can enjoy on the beach. There is also a children’s playground, a picnic area, bike and canoe rentals, and boat launches.

Boneyard Beach is a must-see when you visit Big Talbot Island State Park. The bleached live oaks in this popular scenic location are a major draw. Also, check out the little black rocks over on Blackrock Beach.

The parks close when the parking lot is full, so come there early if you want to see them.

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3. St. John’s River Taxi

On the south and north banks, the St. Johns River Taxi will take you to four different locations. With room for up to a hundred passengers, the sleek, covered boats offer stunning views of the city and cityscape.

The Riverside Arts Market and the Museum of Science and History are just two examples of the company’s unique tours and excursions. Take a popular sunset cruise to see how the city lights transform into an ever-changing landscape.

The trip along the river and the view of the city stretching out in front of them are enough to entice many people onto these wonderful boats.

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4. Adventure Landing

You’ve made the ideal choice if you’re seeking family-friendly outdoor activities. This park includes a wide range of activities to suit all ages, from the tiniest visitors to the most senior.

Visiting Adventure Landing Jacksonville Beach, the first of ten such theme parks to open since this one did in 1995, is like reliving your childhood all over again.

Frog Hopper, go-karts, roller-coaster, laser tag, and miniature golf, plus the ultimate ride for the more serious roller-coaster fans called 3D Max Flight are just some of the attractions at this famous theme park.

In addition, you’ll discover plenty of wet attractions, which include everything from wacky to amazing.

5. River Walks on the North and South Banks

Jacksonville’s commercial, transportation, and historical core are all centered around the St. Johns River. Several hotels and tourist sites are connected by a 3.5-mile-long network of pedestrian walkways.

Walking down the river at sunset, as the city lights up on either side, is a lovely way to spend an evening in a new city. During the day, you’ll find charming street performances and delicious eateries to enjoy.

It’s a great spot for walking, jogging, running, and biking. Also, keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins in the water.

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